The Headshot Workshop

Michelle Villalobos & Jessica Lurie, The Headshot Workshop

Within the first 3 seconds of seeing you, people have probably already made a judgment about you. And these days, with so much business conducted online, your online image is as important as your in-person one.

Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and email marketing are the cornerstone of your online image. If you're in sales, marketing, PR (especially if you're self-employed,) you can't afford not to be using these tools. But there's a lot more to it than social media... 

These days, prospects and clients are likely to Google you and see your online presence before they ever meet you in person! Some people are even saying that "Google is the new resume" because even if you do meet someone in person, chances are they'll google you if they're interested in learning more.

So when people look for you online... What do they see?

When people Google you, friend you in Facebook or look you up LinkedIn, does what they see represent you well? Is your personal brand consistent across platforms? Is your profile photo attractive and reflective of that brand?

If you do nothing else, right now, at the very least make sure that your profile images are attractive and represent your unique brand. Not sure? Ask a trusted friend to tell you honestly – and don't get defensive when she tells you the truth. Chances are, she only wants to help (and if not, then what kind of friend is that anyways?)

Simply put, your online pictures are your first impression. 

How important is having a professional portrait?

Right or wrong, how you are perceived visually is just as important as what you can do – at least at first. And nowhere is that more true than online.

Having a great, professional portrait is fundamental, especially if you're trying to brand yourself as an expert in your field. All experts have professional portraits. It's even better if you're image makes it clear what you do. 

Notice the Sharpies in my photo... I use that photo for my workshops and seminars, because I use Sharpies a lot to help release creative thinking – and I have a bit of a Sharpie fetish. This photo was shot by Miami-based photographer, Gio Alma.

See! Just because the photo is professional, doesn't mean it has to be fake or boring! 

Take a look at these "Before & After" profile pics of our very own Jessica Lurie, who wanted to brand herself more professionally online and throughout her social media profiles:

We are consistently blown away by how much head shots boost our clients' business online. And it's more than just having the headshot, it's strategically placing it in the right places online to maximize their presence. 

If you want to work with us to create a great, compelling image for yourself online, we can can help you at the Headshot Workshop on Friday, July 13th. Interested? Click here. 


The Headshot Workshop: Your One-Stop Online Image, 
Personal Branding & Professional Portrait Experience

We can help you take control of your online brand AND we're going to shoot your brand new, attractive, unique, "you" branded headshot.

The Headshot Workshop is the easiest, most comprehensive and most fun way to get a professional portrait that properly and beautifully reflects your brand online.

Dr. Maria Escoto

In addition to a one-on-one phone consult with Michelle Villalobos to guide you in developing your personal brand and your online presence, our amazing photographer – Tabatha Mudra – will shoot an attractive, authentic, true-to-your-personality headshot of you. 

You'll get ALL high-res headshots that Michelle will personally help you pick. Then, if needed, we'll retouch your 3 favorites (by the way, we've never had to retouch Tabatha's – she's that talented with lighting! We offer it "just in case.")

Take a look at Michelle Wolfe's photo below. We created an actual logo for her using her photo from the Headshot Workshop III. 

Michelle Wolfe
"Promotional Products Diva" – Halo/Lee Wayne

Here's another cool thing we did for Brian Tannebaum - to show his unique speaking style. He can use this array on a one-sheet promoting his speaking services:

Some of our Headshot Workshop clients say it's the ONLY picture they've ever liked of themselves!

Gina Nordqvist

Nordqvist Creative Agency, Specializing In Real Estate Marketing Strategy & Execution

Jessica Lurie

Mivista, Inc. Partner & Yoga Enthusiast 


This is perhaps the coolest program we do. What's not to love? Get fabulous professional portraits, solidify your personal brand, revamp your online presence & have fun!

A quick rundown of the Headshot Workshop deliverables:

1. 3 attractive, professional (not cookie cutter), retouched digital headshots that capture your unique brand.

2. A full CD of the rest of your photos – high resolution (suitable for print) so you can do whatever you want with them.

3. A 45-minute pre-shoot one-on-one phone strategy session with Michelle Villalobos: We will discuss your personal brand, figure out what you need to wear and bring to get the right selection of options (we do 2 to 3 outfits), and brainstorm how you will creatively use your images to create "buzz."

4. Post Headshot Workshop call with me (Michelle Villalobos) once you have your photos. This will be a group call where I give you practical, tactical ways to deploy your new image, and where you can ask questions, as well as hear the feedback I give to others.

5. My proprietary "Own Your Name On Google" checklist - so when people search for you online, they can find you, and what they see gives the right online first impression.

1. The Portrait(s)

Okay okay. You get it. You need a headshot. But I'm sure you know a photographer, or even a friend who can do it for you, right? Maybe. Maybe not. 

Anyone can snap a photo. Not everyone knows how to make sure you're unique personality and brand are captured in a way the works for you online. I do – I guarantee it.

First off, I help you define your brand and figure out the best way to capture it on film. I have an excellent relationship with our photographer, and I personally work with you on all of the preliminary work (establishing your brand identity, discussing wardrobe, hair, makeup and props) to make sure you get the perfect headshot. 

You might not know this, but I worked for Ocean Drive magazine for over 7 years, half of that was in editorial – executing photo shoots and articles. If there's one thing I know, it's photo shoots! 

See below to see the magic of retouching - if you even need any!

original headshot unretouchednew sharpies headshot

2. Your FULL CD of Photos

We'll make sure your portrait "fits" you – your personality, your business, your unique look. It will be attractive for sure, but it's not a "Glamour Shot" or anything like it. You'll love it - I promise (and guarantee it). 

Most photographers will only give you a handful of photos. In fact, it took 2 years for us to create a deal that would allow us to give our clients the entire shoot. This is a big deal! 

3. The Pre-Photo Shoot Consult  

In addition to getting a great headshot, we also do a pre-photo shoot session over the phone to help you craft your online brand. This is where we discuss what you should be wearing to properly convey your brand to YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE.

4. The Post-Photo Shoot Consult  

Cristina Maria Lloyd Outta Space, Professional Organizing For Small Businesses, Home Offices & Closets

After the photo shoot, Michelle holds a 1.5 hour call to give you and the other Headshot Workshop attendees concrete suggestions for how to best deploy your images. You'll get an opportunity to ask questions, get answers, and listen to how others are creatively using their head shots. 

We take such care with our appearance every day. 

For example, one study recently showed that the average woman spends 55 minutes a day grooming! What are you doing to manage your image online? 

Chances are, you're not spending 55 minutes a day – at least not strategically. We'll teach you the essentials of what you can do to easily and effectively manage your online presence. And no, you don't need to spend 55 minutes a day to do it well!


5. The "Own Your Name On Google" checklist

FB, Linkded IN Twitter

Michelle will also send you her proprietary "Own Your Name On Google" checklist for you to strategically flesh out your online profiles (like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google & Twitter) to ensure that people are finding you online AND that what they find represents you well. 

Even if you don't want to use any of those tools for business, you need to know what's already out there about you, and you need to – at the very least – protect your name.

You can easily take control of your online presence, just by following the strategic steps and personalized checklist that Michelle will give you specific, personalized pointers on during your second call. 

The checklist will help you:

- Learn the quickest, easiest ways to QUICKLY take control of your online brand
– "Own your name" all over the web.
– Create consistency across all platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, website, etc.)

Did we mention the guarantee? If you're not in love with this experience or your photos, we will reshoot you, and if that still doesn't work, we'll refund your full fee. This is our way of showing you how confident we are of the value this experience will deliver.

Contact Us!! 

We offer various Headshot Workshop packages, to find out which Headshot Workshop is right for you, and inquire about pricing, please contact us. Our number is (888) 531-3830 or you can reach out to us online, here.


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