Meeting Facilitation & Brainstorming Sessions

Michelle wrote the manual on creative meeting facilitation and effective brainstorming (literally! download it here) and can make any live session both effective AND fun. She’s done numerous corporate, non-profit & government retreats. 

Michelle will prepare the session, define your meeting goals, prioritize your issues, and facilitate a program tailored to the outcomes you need. Results guaranteed. 


"Michelle was able to successfully bring together an entire workplace that operated in segregated silos, and over the course of one Saturday, bring everyone together to a common goal. It became very clear early on that everyone's voice in the room was equal and that's when everyone's mouths and ears lit up more than ever within the company. She was able to successfully facilitate the group's emotions, taking skepticism and transforming it into what it really was, work frustration, and then most importantly, energizing the group to work together towards something better."

Mike Plasencia
President of Casencia Group, Harvard Business School MBA

Having seen Michelle's videos and met her in a social setting, I thought I understood the value that Michelle could bring to Inktel Direct. I was so wrong. We hired Michelle to facilitate a branding discussion and she was awesome! One afternoon with her at Inktel Direct and the whole team was blown away. Michelle is amazing at what she does. She is worth way more than you can imagine. I would strongly recommend Michelle to any company that’s serious about reaching its true potential.

AJ Morales
Director of Business Development at Inktel Direct

"I have seen Michelle E. Villalobos facilitate groups, and I have witnessed her creativity, charm, wit and knowledge. I recommend her without hesitation, knowing that her ability and credentials to train and motivate are outstanding."

Ellen Brazer
Owner, DA Group Construction, Miami Beach Chamber Board Of Governors


Price varies with prep work, audience size, travel and other considerations (like how much fun the project is!) But one thing's for sure: we charge by the objective or the outcome, not by the hour. We put in the time and effort it takes to achieve your objectives at a pre-set price, so you'll never worry that the "clock is ticking." 

Michelle travels worldwide to deliver programs and work with clients. 

Contact us for availability and concrete pricing for your specific project. 

Michelle Villalobos is based in Miami, FL and travels nationally & internationally to consult on brand strategy
and deliver workshops, seminars & keynotes, especially for women's groups and companies marketing to women.
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